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Kat is a passionate yoga teacher and student and practices and teaches across a range of styles including vinyasa, hatha, yin and yoga nidra. She loves the way that yoga combines body, mind and spirit and has a deep interest in yoga philosophy. Her classes are accessible, but challenging, and include meditation and breath practices


Instagram: @k.a.t.glee 



My journey of yoga started when I was in my late 30’s and at that time had a health issue, I started yoga with a zest to find out how I could reverse my health problem this  also led me to research food, nutrition and diet. 

The powerful understanding of how food and diet can help to relieve so many ailments and Yoga on the other hand a powerful and healing tool to achieve balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual health. I now know that Yoga combined with what we eat, physical activity, and how we deal with our thoughts and emotions can bring about full health and well-being . My teachings are breath work and Vinyasa. I’m here to share all my skills to those in need and for those that just want to find out more about themselves and the world we live in.

I also teach group and one on one see Gumtrees and Meetup to look for Sunrise Yoga.



Hi, my name is Chelsea! I believe that yoga is for every body, and however you come to the mat is exactly how you are meant to be. A firm believer that your higher self is the greatest teacher; I encourage listening to your body and doing what feels best for you. 


Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a child, and I am thrilled to be sharing this lifelong passion with my community!



Sam is a yoga teacher that subscribes to the philosophy that ‘yoga is for everyone’. She has personally experienced the mental and physical well-being and grounded-ness that comes from the practice of yoga which motivates her to want to share this practice with others!


The styles she prefers to teach are Hatha or a gentle Vinyasa to take some time out to slow things down in this busy life. Her yoga classes include a mix of strength-building and relaxation with a focus on setting intentions, breath work and mediation.


Her philosophy to live by is mindfulness, balance and kindness in all things.



Namaste, I’ve been a yoga teacher for 8 years. Yoga has taught me to be self aware, patient & more compassionate. My favourite part of yoga is savasna. I adore being a part of the Brisbane Yoga Community and I am happy to share & support in any way I can. You can see my other Brisbane classes on my website: 

Instagram: viraamandrelax

Facebook: Viraam & Relax



Kerri came to yoga as way to unwind from a high stress job as a construction engineer, and soon fell in love with the practice and everything associated with it.

Whilst enjoying all types of yoga, she most enjoys when the practice tests both mental and physical limits, forcing you to be completely present.

She is keen to share the practice and hopes that others can experience the calmness and self-acceptance she continues to develop in her own journey.

She loves to teach strong flows with the mantra that yoga should be fun, reflective and positive. 



Yoga has been a part of my life on & off for over 20 years, but it became a permanent fixture in 2015. It has helped me to regain my life from chronic health issues & continues to bring me balance. I love being able to share my knowledge & experience to help anyone find the stability, benefits, joy & love of yoga like I have. Plus helping each and everyone to challenge themselves to grow.

My teaching style is very diverse, but always accessible & inclusive for all levels. My classes can range from playful & challenging (Vinyasa/ Yang/ flowing poses) to slow, grounding & calming (Yin/ Stretches, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy & other concepts).


When teaching community classes with Yogathering, I tend lead a Vin Yin practice which combines slow flowing vinyasa & a sequence of yin poses held for 3-5 minutes to connect, re- energise & calm the body & mind.



My name is Myrthe and I am Dutch. My first introduction to yoga was nearly a decade ago after an injury. Soon I noticed though, that yoga offers benefits in all areas of life and I felt a gradual positive shift in my overall wellbeing. 


My teachings are a combination of dynamic movements (vinyasa) and longer holds (yin yoga), to build strength and connection in the body, mind and spirit. As a great deal of our yoga practice takes place off the mat, I introduce various concepts to be considered for a change of perspective and tangible material to incorporate in daily life. I love yoga as it not only offers the opportunity for us to reconnect with ourselves but also to reconnect with each other in kind and compassionate ways. 



Chelsea will take you on a journey of yoga discovering a variety of postures and techniques from ancient lineage including Kundalini, Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa.  A practice to reset, unwind, breathe, energise and unleash the divine teacher within you, aiming to balance the yin and yang.  Chelsea will hold space for you to explore your boundaries and to deepen the pool of love by reconnecting mind, body and spirit with the heart of joy. 



Yoga has given me a new life to live and cherish, in a way, it’s a ‘rebirth’.  I found interest in Yoga almost 7 years ago and it became my passion to grow with. Since then, “sharing my knowledge and experience” with people and community has become part of my life. I believe in Self-realization, which comes through sincere breathing practice, Pranayama and Meditation.

Positive flow of energy brings happiness in one’s life. And I try to bring that by imparting Vinyasa along with Pranayama, which can bring joy and happiness within oneself and radiate among everyone around.

Come and join my practice and you will get a free smile and inner peace 🙂

Find out more about me by clicking the link below:





When teaching classes, Abby’s preferred style is hatha yoga. She shares a slower, mindful practice that offers an escape from the fast-paced, busy lifestyle many of us lead. 

Abby’s experience with yoga has spanned over 8 years and she has discovered it “is a powerful, individual resource that connects me to my mind and body. It reduces my anxiety, keeps me grounded and unites me spiritually. Yoga has supported me through grief and dark times, accomplishments and success. In short, yoga changed my life.” Abby became a teacher to share this discovery with others. 



While she giggled her way through her first yoga class as a teenager, Davina quickly found herself returning to the mat for the physical benefits and injury prevention. As she matured alongside her practice, yoga has been a regular part of Davina’s life from maintaining balance and strength to overcoming injuries and trauma, as well as being incorporated in her professional practice in mental health.

Davina teaches both children and adults and focuses on safe alignment for the individual and connecting yoga movements with intention and purpose. Her classes are known for incorporating her passion for improving physical and psychological flexibility alongside strength, self-awareness and a healthy dose of lightheartedness.



Kevin found an interest in yoga about 6 years ago and it has become his main passion. Recently certified in teaching Vinyasa Yoga, he not only puts a great flow together on the mat but likes to carry that flow all throughout life. If he doesn’t make you go upside down like he loves doing so himself, he will be sure to make you break a sweat. You can expect some type of inversion or arm balance play while practicing with him. His biggest secret and success to yoga he believes is the breath. With each conscious inhale and exhale through each nostril he allows you to find peace and stillness. The meditation and spiritual aspect of the ancient practice are also very important to him. Come join his practice and you’ll find he is filled with many smiles and hugs.

Instagram: carpentier.k



Em teaches yoga, meditation and qigong.  She loves to make you smile ! Expect an energetic class, combining a variety of practices from chinese Qigong energy work through to traditional hatha and modern vinyasa yoga. Look forward to a head massage at the end of class!



Em teaches combines chinese qigong energy work, tibetan yoga practice and deep pranayama practice. Expect the unexpected with his classes, he teaches in a dynamic improvisational style. Look forward to some resonant OM and chanting at the end of practice.

Em and Em.jpg


We are a husband and wife team that teach Qigong, Yoga, Acro yoga and meditation. We love to bring people together and make you have fun in class so that you leave with a big smile and feel energized by your practice

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