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Yoga will draw you in initially with the physical practice, but it is much more. You will go on a journey of self-exploration both on and off the mat. You will become strong both physically and mentally, able to cope with the world around you on new levels. You will be in tune with yourself, develop greater connections to your loved ones and feel an ultimate sense of grounding.


Your practice will improve your concentration and determination. Through focused breathing you will curtail your desires and stay true to yourself. Most of all you will be happy and glow from your fingers to your toes .... why wouldn’t you want to become a yogi!!!



Practice, experiment and learn different mediation techniques with in our class  setting. 

Improve your focus and concentration, clear and settle the mind.

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Qigong is the term for not just one, but many types of gentle movement and concentration practices stemming from China. Some experts believe that there are more than 3,000 different styles of qigong in existence today.  Today, holistic practitioners promote qigong for its proven stress-reducing benefits, plus its ability to improve flexibility and inner-focus.

Qigong involves performing gentle movements that are synchronized with the inhalations and exhalations of the breath, making it similar to yoga in that it’s a powerful holistic practice for both the “body and mind.”  Qigong is considered to be a form of exercise, but also a mental skill that must be mastered over time with practice. Science confirms qigong improves energy, inner peace, strength, sleep quality and vitality.


Today, people practice many different forms of qigong (just like yoga), including tai chi – a gentler type that’s well suited for older people – and kung fu, a more vigorous practice that’s similar to other martial arts like karate.

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