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The inventor of the Bio-Well is Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, a Russian Scientist. The Bio-well is not a medical device and should be one of many different approaches you should use to analyze your health. There is around 85% accuracy with the results. In case of serious health concerns, consult with your doctor.

With that said, this technology is incredible at capturing something as unknown as the human energy field, and translating it into meaningful data. At the end of the day, 85% accuracy is far better than 0%, and you’ll learn far more about yourself with the device than without it.



What Is the human biofield?

The Bio-Well is founded on the concept of subtle energy and the human biofield. In his book The Energy of Health: Understanding the Principles of Energy Field Analysis, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (the creator of the Bio-Well) writes:


All our discussions are related to the notion of energy. We use this notion in the Bio-Well programs, and emphasize that all this is based on the classical definition:


  • Energy, (from the Greek “Energeia” – action, activity), is a general quantitative measure of the movement and interactions of all kinds of matter.

  • In nature, energy does not arise out of nothing and does not disappear – it just may transform from one form into another. The concept of energy ties together all phenomena of nature.

  • Nature exists only as open systems which constantly exchange energy and information with the environment. The human organism is an open system connected to Earth, Sun and Universe.

  • Mass is a form of condensed energy generated in the process of development which transforms back to energy after death.1

  • Energy comes in many forms, but one form the Bio-Well was designed to detect was that of the human biofield. In 1992 The Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM) at the US National Institute of Health (NIH) coined the term biofield, attempting to create a unifying concept for various energetic healing practices such as Reiki, and Qi-Gong.

  • They defined the biofield as “a massless field, not necessarily electromagnetic, that surrounds and permeates living bodies and affects the body.”2


The human biofield isn’t rigid, but a fluctuating halo of energy extending up to five feet from the human body, constantly exchanging energy with its environment:


This could explain why you might feel “bad vibes” coming from a person even though you can’t consciously explain why. Or maybe you feel the aura of a new environment seems strange, even though everything on paper seems like it shouldn’t be. Up until now, these types of intuitions seemed like crazy hippie talk, but with devices such as the Bio-Well, we can now objectively measure these type of subtle energies under the lens of science.


Many experts say mental, emotional, and spiritual activity greatly affects your biofield. Dr. Korotkov described mental worry creating shivers and waves throughout this energetic halo, affecting every area of it in the process. What’s exciting is that with the Bio-Well, we can take a snapshot of our own biofield, giving us a mirror to the state of our mental, emotional, and spiritual health.



How does the Bio-Well measure the human biofield?


The Bio-Well is founded on a well-known physics phenomena called the corona discharge.

When high voltage electricity is applied to an object (whether living or nonliving), light is emitted around its edges. In 1939 a Russian engineer named Semyon Davidovitch Kirlian created a technique called Kirlian photography that was able to capture this light emission on camera. Here’s a Kirlian photograph of a pair of coins.







Kirlian found that objects such as coins or steel rods produced constant, stable light emissions around its edges. However, the corona discharge from living beings behaved much differently than those of lifeless objects. Since humans are comprised of an ever changing ebb and flow of energy, the light around our bodies dance not unlike a flicker of flame.



In 1995 Dr. Konstantin Korotkov and his team harnessed modern advancements in electronics, optics, and computer processing to create a technology called gas discharge visualization (GDV) to capture, measure, and analyze the dance of light around the human fingers. The technology also uses principles in Korean hand therapy and Chinese energy meridians to make inferences about the energetic health of organs and bodily systems.


Korotkov’s team furthered the technology by studying thousands of people, mapping what type of photonic patterns were linked to certain health states. He eventually put all of these advancements into a single device he named the Bio-Well.


The data in the Bio-Well is measured through a metric called Bio-grams. Here’s Korotkov’s description of the Bio-gram:


“In Bio-Well images (Bio-grams) we evaluate energy of the photons, emitted by the subject. The Bio-Well instrument indirectly measures electron densities in human systems and organs, as well as the character of the stimulated electron currents. These electron densities are the fundamental basis of the physiological energy, so we can state with confidence that the Bio-Well instrument makes it possible to measure the body’s potential energy reserve.

Down below we’ll go through an experience I had with the Bio-Well, which will give you a better idea of what this machine is capable of.”



Report Sections

Energy Field

Dr. Korotkov discusses how human energy field (HEF) is the most sensitive reflection of the physical, emotional, and in some cases spiritual conditions of a person. The report starts off with a section to view the state of your HEF.


A healthy HEF is relatively uniform around the body, is at an optimum size, and doesn’t show deficiencies or excess in any areas. Here is an energy field scan of a woman after two weeks of a healthy diet, exercise and meditation:

An unhealthy HEF will show quite the opposite – an uneven HEF showing holes, areas with bursts of energy, and general disorder. Image 1 below demonstrates the energetic field of a person suffering from fatigue and poor lifestyle choices. Image 2 shows picture of the same persona after following a meditation, yoga and nutrition plan for two weeks:











                                           Image 1                                                                                                            Image 2

Health Status

Again, the Bio-Well takes principles in Korean hand therapy and Chinese energetic meridians to make clever inferences about the various energetic systems of your body. One such insight was seeing the energetic distribution of various organs.

In the diagram below, optimal energy levels are in the middle green zone, deficient energy levels are in the inner orange and red zones, and excess energy levels are in the outer zone in yellow. The diagram is further divided into sectors that correspond to various organs and bodily systems.















                                                                                                    Image 3


The Bio-well is particularly effective at detecting accurate stress levels. The chart below shows an individual’s emotional pressure (stress levels), overall energy levels, and how energetically balanced their body was between its left and right hemispheres.

















                                                                                                     Image 4


Chakra Measurement

Ayurvedic medicine is famous for their chakra system, which maps out seven centres of the body in which energy flows. These wheels of energy both reflect and affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Like the human biofield, they are an open system that is ever changing, ebbing and flowing moment to moment. Up until now, chakras have been a mysterious idea that couldn’t be verified by any scientific tools. The Bio-Well clears this fog, giving us the ability to quantitatively measure the chakras and graphically display them in a clear reading.


Getting this data can give you concrete, real-world action items to improve your life. Is your heart chakra is looking small and more on the extraversion end? This might be an indication that you need to give yourself more self-love. Is your throat chakra small and way on the introversion end? Maybe you need to voice your opinions more at the workplace or to your loved ones.


A healthy person’s chakras should ideally be well-aligned (from the base of the spine, up to the crown of the head) and in a healthy size (not deficient or in excess of energy). Stress, anxiety, and depression have been known to throw our chakras out of alignment, and cause each centre to either be too big or small. Image 5 below is an example of this:










                                                                                                    Image 5



Best Uses of The Bio-Well


Health Prediction

The first major benefit of using the Bio-Well is for health predictions. Health disorders typically begin on an energetic level, and over time manifests itself physically. By detecting these disorders upstream energetically, you’re able to make the necessary changes before problems get much worse downstream physically. Dr. Korotkov writes:


“Primarily, the Bio-Well analysis is a part of the predictive medicine line. The task of this line is not to treat symptoms of any medical problems, but to prevent health abnormalities at an early stage by recommending the necessary counter-measures to the patient to overcome possible problems. As a rule, this requires a significant change in one’s attitude to life, the nature of food supplementation, and regular physical activity. Not all people are prepared for it, but those who follow the recommendations usually make fairly rapid progress. So the purpose of the Bio-Well analysis is not just to generate a report, but to make insightful recommendations, which may help improve the lifestyle and health of the patient.”


A/B Testing

Once you’ve detected areas of your health that need energetic improvement, there’s a number of techniques, methods, and technology that can help you with this, including:

  • Exercise!

  • Meditation

  • Yoga

  • Various Forms of Physical Therapy


Just like nutrition or exercise, what works for one person may not work as well for another. The key to accelerating growth is to initially go wide and try out as many of these methods as possible, then later zero in on the technique or device that garnered the best results. The Bio-Well is an excellent device that allows you to objectively measure how effective each of these methods were.


Stress Detection

Our energetic health seems to be particularly sensitive to our emotions (especially stress). From the number of Bio-Well practitioners I’ve spoken with, practically all of them told me how effective the Bio-Well is in detecting this trend. Again, the great thing with the Bio-Well is you’re able to detect stress energetically before it becomes a larger issue physically.

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